Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Amanda's own official site or is it fan run?

This is Amanda's own official site. It is not fan run.

Is Amanda on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, MySpace or other Social media?

Amanda is on Twitter. Her official account is @amandatapping
Amanda is on Instagram. Her offical account is @reallivsmum

Amanda is NOT on any other social media accounts such as Facebook or MySpace,

Anyone who has an account called Amanda Tapping on any of these other social media sites is impersonating her and should be reported to that social media hierarchy.

Does Amanda have a fan e-mail address?

No, she does not.

Where can I send fanmail to Amanda?

c/o PLAY Management
807 Powell Street,
V6A 1H7

I would like to contact Amanda in a professional capacity.

Amanda has an agent who you should contact about professional matters.
The contact details are on the Contact page.

Where can I see Amanda in person?

Amanda attends several Events in any given year around the world. At most of these you can usually get an autograph or photograph with her or attend a live Q & A session.
Any such Conventions or Appearances that Amanda has been confirmed for, or is about to attend, are placed in the list in the "Events" section.

Where can I buy copies of Amanda's movies and appearances?

Most of the films and television series which Amanda has appeared in are available from any number of DVD retailers around the world.

Are there any TV shows or movies in the pipeline for Amanda?

All current projects are listed in the biography section under the relevant heading such as "filmography" or "directing" etc or on the News page.

When is Amanda's birthday?

Amanda's birthday is on August 28.

What is Amanda's natural hair color?

Amanda is a natural blonde.

Is Amanda married?

Yes, Amanda is married.

Does Amanda have any children?

Amanda has one daughter.

Does Amanda have a Canadian, American or a British accent in real life?

Amanda has a Canadian accent in real life. She was born in England but moved to Canada when she was three. Amanda's British accent in Sanctuary was adopted for the character of Helen Magnus, who has a British background, but due to her unusual longevity had been exposed to many other eras, countries and dialects.