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  Legacy Forum (Read Only Access)
Welcome to the home of Amanda Tapping's fandom. This website's forum has always been a magnet and home for Amanda's fans since its inception many many years ago. It has always provided a safe, joyous meeting place where her fans have had the freedom to discuss her work, her events and to make friends and become a community.

The new forum is designed with you, the fans, in mind. Amanda's fandom has always been about making friendships across the world and the forum provides an exclusive place for this.

The old (legacy) forum will remain for the time being as read only, so that your old posts are not lost.

All users are requested to register for the new forum, even if you were registered for the old. This enables the forum administrators to maintain a safe, spam free environment for you all. You will find new fun avatars to use (or please upload your own if you choose).

You will also find threads designed to divert discussion to specific areas, such as Sanctuary for kids, Amanda's work, her events and conventions and just for chatting with friends.

Above all, have fun and enjoy being a part of this vibrant, compassionate and joyous community.