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Born in England, raised in Canada and dubbed the Grand Empress of Sci-fi by her legion of loyal fans, Amanda is one of the most recognized actors working in television today and has earned a reputation as a highly sought after Director.

Named as ACTRA's 2015 Woman of the Year, Amanda is best known for her role as Samantha Carter on the Science Fiction television series "Stargate SG-1" (1997 - 2007) & "Stargate Atlantis" (2007 - 2008). Amanda thrilled fans worldwide with her role of Dr Helen Magnus on the Syfy television series "Sanctuary" and as Naomi in the TV series "Supernatural".  Over the past few years she has played lead roles in the films "Taken Back","Random Acts of Romance" and "Space Milkshake". Amanda guest starred on the popular Canadian comedy show "Package Deal" and also appeared on the Syfy series "Killjoys".

Behind the camera Amanda has earned a reputation as a highly sought after Director in the industry across Canadian television and film.

Having been Executive Producer on "Sanctuary "and directing episodes of "Stargate SG-1" and "Sanctuary" Amanda went on to direct "Primeval New World", "Arctic Air," "Continuum", "Olympus", "Strange Empire" a music video for Ta'Kaiya Blaney, and "Dark Matter".

In 2015 Amanda directed a Christmas film for Hallmark - "Family for Christmas" and flew out to Hungary to direct two episodes of "X Company", the World War II drama series on CBC.
She also directed on the US fantasy TV series for Syfy, "The Magicians".
In February of 2016 she was director mentor on the Crazy 8 Films project "Meetcute Film" with director Patrick Currie.
Amanda has, this summer, directed on the TV series "Van Helsing" ,the new Netflix project, "Travelers", "Romeo Section" and once again on the CBC series "X-Company".
2017 has already seen her direct on the new Drama Anne the Series and season 12 of Supernatural.

Amanda's Charitable Foundation "Sanctuary for kids" has successfully raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for causes both worldwide and locally in Vancouver and every eighteen months or so Amanda travels to the UK to meet with her fans at her one woman GABIT charity fundraising event. These events benefit both Sanctuary for kids and Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, a charity for whom she and her fans have raised over £100,000 in 11 years.

She resides in Vancouver, British Columbia with her husband & daughter.


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