Director, "Resurrection," Stargate SG-1, Sci-Fi Channel, 2004. *Leo Award - won

Director, "Sanctuary", Syfy, 2008 to 2012

Director, "Primeval,New World," Space Channel, 2012

Director, "Arctic Air", CBC, 2012

Director, "Continuum", SyFy, 2013

Director, "Arctic Air", CBC, 2013

Director, "Continuum", SyFy, 2014

Director, "Olympus", 2014

Director, "Strange Empire", CBC, 2014

Director, "Dark Matter", Syfy, Feb 2015

Director, "Family for Christmas", Hallmark Movie, May 2015

Director, "X Company", CBC, September 2015

Director, "The Magicians", Syfy, November 2015

Director, "Dark Matter", Syfy, December 2015

Director, "Van Helsing", Syfy, June 2016

Director, "Travelers", Netflix, June 2016

Director, "Women Seen" ACTRA Women, August 2016

Director, "Romeo Section", CBC, August 2016

Director, "X-Company, " Season 3, CBC, September 2016

Director, "Anne the Series", Season 1, CBC, January 2017

Director, "Supernatural", Season 12, February 2017

Director,"Travelers", NETFLIX June 2017


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